• Grainger County Ambulance Authority operates from the County General Fund. We attempt to recover operating expenses by providing fee-for-service medical transports. While our crews attempt to obtain as much insurance information as possible at the time of service, we may be unable to obtain the necessary information for payment.
  • For questions regarding a bill or to provide/update insurance information please contact our office at 865-828-3682 during normal business hours or email at any time.
  • To pay a bill:
    • In person at the Grainger County Trustee’s Office located at 8095 Rutledge Pike Rutledge, TN 37861.
    • Mail a check (with the patient name and account number written on the check) to P.O. Box 499 Rutledge, TN 37861.
    • You may also pay a bill using a credit or debit card. Please contact the Grainger County Trustee’s Office at 865-828-3514 for more information. Please be advised the credit/debit card payment service utilized by the Trustee’s Office places a 2.75% surcharge on the total amount.